Friday, October 8, 2010

Weird Poetry, Apologies, and Complaints

Yes, the above title said, 'Complaints'.  I'm not going to whine to you guys--but I really don't like the warm turn the Kansas weather took. :P  Ah, well...I can't help it.

Now, as for apologies--yes, I haven't posted in over a week on here.  It is utterly shameful and I have no excuses.  :)  I'll try to warn you before I take a leave of my blog, next time.

I was reading a section out of Alice in Wonderland for school yesterday (I had read 'Alice' some time before of my own accord), and I was again dazzled by Carroll's wonderful randomness and hilarity.  This morning--in protest of my math--I wrote this bit of nonsense.  It was inspired by Alice in Wonderland--quite catchy, if I say so myself.  I've been humming it under my breath all day.

The Flow'st Upon a Midnight

I said to him, and he to me,
That I had gone and ate a tree,
The flow'st upon a midnight three,
And caused the cat to flee.

Upon a straw, upon a star,
I wished my feet would fight them far,
Around a moon, around a car,
I golfed my way to par.

I bought an egg, so dearly bought,
On the spoon the battle twas fought,
But alas and alack, twas all for nought!
A slimy fish I caught.

That twas when I said to him,
"Take my car out for a spin,"
In danger false and danger grim,
The old man gave a grin.
I said to him, and he to we,
That I had gone and found a flea
The flow'st upon a midnight tea,
And caused the gnat to see.

Why and fly I spun my lie,
And on that manger-place did cry,
"A spy, my lord! That spy!"
And took away my pie.
Then I coughed, and came out smog,
Covered the roof--and then the dog,
"Woof and meow," cried the frog,
And I called down a smelly bog.

Take a nap--take a wink,
This will go on, I think,
Over bath and under sink,
I hear a little plink.

Secret poem--yes, it be!
Secret straight from you to me.
Read it backwards, and you will see,
Read it forwards and so will we.
I said to him, and he to three,
That I had gone and ate a flea,
The flow'st upon the midnight me,
And saw the reader, see.

Before you ask, I have no idea what a flow'st is.   That's the price I pay for random poetry.



Eldra said...

Wow. That's incredible. My brain hurts. And I have no idea what a flow'st is either.

Squeaks said...

What's your opinion on Carrol's sanity level while he wrote Alice in Wonderland? A lot of people, including myself, believe that he was taking illegal drugs while writing, and thus the reason for the strange poetry and prose. If you think about it Alice's journey really represents a hallucination :P I love his writing...but what do you think about the whole drug business?


Squeaks said...

Oo...and I forgot one thing :P I actually thought that Carrol wrote that poem (goes to show how well I read). I was wondering if I might have permission to post it on Hidden Doorways, of course you'll get all attribution for random geniousness :)


*rabbits!* Pops head from gopher hole and screams like lemur (see <-- randomness)

Beorn said...

You're crazy =)

Jake said...


Sure, go ahead and post it! I just enjoyed writing it, lol.

But drugs? O.o I don't know--I've never read up on it. But I love his writing nonetheless. XD

Squeaks said...

@Beorn, I agree, aren't we all? :P

@Jake, thanks!