Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Search 'Jesus' On Google

Today, I searched the word 'Jesus' on Google.

The results are depressing.

First and foremost, the secular Wikipedia article on Jesus.  It reads, "Jesus is the central figure of Christianity..." yada yada.

Second...a Jesus dress-up game.

Third is the C. S. Lewis based argument, "Who is Jesus?  Lord, Liar, or Lunatic?"

Fourth, Jesus Christ on Twitter.  Go figure.

Fifth is a site about how you can have a personal relationship today with Jesus.

Following these is a motley collection of Catholic sites, Answers.com, a celebrity called Jesus, and even a result about a guy who wrote a secular book about Jesus.  "Jesus: A Story of Enlightenment."  He also wrote a book on Buddha.

If someone, desperate for something, anything, to push away the black darkness of their soul, searches the name of Jesus on Google, what will they find?  Wikipedia.  Jesus dress-up.  Secular books.  And intellectually-based arguments on why you should trust Jesus as your Lord.

Something has to change.  The passion of first-century Christianity has been sucked out of modern Christians.  The treasure of Jesus has somehow been lost in our materialistic zeal.  We have it in our heads, and not our hearts.

Now, there were several sites that looked promising.  Like 'Jesus Freaks'.  But how many sites is a person searching for Christ going to look at before he quits?

Today I searched Gospel Tracts.  Look at what I came up with.


"Are you a Christian? If so, what are YOU doing to reach the lost? YOU DO understand that the Lord Jesus Christ has given us a Great Commission, right? Are YOU obeying Christ's commands to reach the lost? Jesus said that YOU show YOUR love for Him by obeying Him (John 14:15). Do YOU really believe in an eternal place of torment called Hell? Do YOU really believe that YOUR non-Christian family members, YOUR friends, YOUR co-workers and complete strangers will go there? What are YOU doing about it? If YOU love them, YOU WILL do/say something! One of the easiest ways to start is handing out Gospel Tracts."

Wow, what a great idea.  Lots of cheap Gospel tracts on that website.  Take a look at some of the following from Google images:

As I look through these, I encounter a problem...What about the rest of Jesus' life?  Is it true that, perhaps, Christianity has been reduced to a sin-management Gospel?  Jesus is your one way ticket to heaven.  Pray a prayer and you're good.  Fire insurance.

Now, I'm not trying to put down Gospel tracts.  They can do a lot of good.  But the truth is, Jesus didn't say, "Go and give Gospel tracts to all nations."  He said, "Go and make disciples of all nations."  This requires more than just a few words on a scrap of paper.

The problem I have with some Gospel tracts (note the 'some') is the lack of zeal for Christ.  The words spoken of our Treasure have become text in a tract.  You hand tracts out at an intellectual level and never reach the heart.  Sometimes you don't even see the face of someone you may be giving a tract to.  Like Millard said (though this was in an entirely different context), "With all these substitutive options you'd think online and textual conversations would be as rich as real ones. Maybe even more so with all these demonstrative expressions! I'm here to say--it's not. Nothing can replace the real life face time with people."

So what will we do, as the Body of Christ?  Will we let intellectual pursuit of Christ overwhelm the real passion for the greatest Treasure there is?  Will we content ourselves with giving Gospel-tracts that summarize the greatest epic there ever was to sin management?  

What Treasure did the disciples and apostles of Jesus Christ have that they were willing to die a martyr's death?  What passion drove them to cross the sea to tell of their 'Good News'?

And why would they drop everything they had for this man from Nazereth and follow Him even before He died?

There is something more to this then salvation from hell.


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tosse Rir

So hunkere ye downe and listen ye alle,
I shalle telle ye the tale, never ye feare;
But harke! I heare the spinetingling calle
of the one and only chillinge, Tosse Rir.


Well, if you've talked to me lately, then you might have noticed a phrase I keep using.  Tosse Rir.  No, it isn't an original word composed by yours truly, but I really like the sound of it.  Just try saying it: tosse rir.

So I'd bet your wondering what I mean.  Or perhaps you're rolling your eyes again. "Jake's lost his marbles....again...."

Well, here's the Sadaarin definition.

Tosse rir: 1. A snorting, coughing laugh--sputtering on air. (i.e. *tosse rir*, one who is coughing, sputtering on air, in humor.)  2. literal Meaning, 'cough laugh'.

So a wee explanation. ;)  Feel free to use it as ye please...it's not like I copyright these things. :)

And second...TODAY IS MANNY'S BIRTHDAY!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MANNY!  If ye want to check it out, her blog is found here. :)


Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Controversy

See that?  That city right there--St. Louis--is where the controversy is.

Haven't heard?  The Tribe Party #2 location is now up for debate...and vote.  Elves who participated in the last tribe contest get to vote just as to where this Tribe Party may be.

At first, the votes were overwhelmingly in favor of Kansas City.  For the West Coast Elves, KC is the way to go--it has the cheapest airfare.  And...of course, I live there. ;)  Or relatively near, that is.

But there's a lot of Elves on the East Coast too.  And they are leaning for something more eastward.  That, and a tempting offer from the family who actually lives in St. Louis, has proved to be enough to sway the debate.  Despite Manny's pie-making wonders, St. Louis is leading the voting.

Will St. Louis win?

Will KC prevail?

Stay tuned next time for more information. ;)


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Read These Words

Hey all! I just saw this video.




Watch it. A call to mission, to war.