Friday, July 29, 2011

Doctor Who, More Soundtrack, and Saruman Singing

Well, where to begin? 

Life can be a fickle and flighty thing.  I can be sulking one moment, and then catapulted into epicness by a simple song.

Speaking of which, I find this song insanely epic.  Both versions.  ;)  It makes me laugh and bounce at the same time.  Check it out, and enjoy.

I'm blasting this in my ears as I write this post.

Anyway, back to subject.  If there is one.

I've also found this hilarious video called "Trolling Saruman" in which Saruman sings and gives me nightmares. It's another spoof, and one of the best ones—very well done.

Besides this, I've also been up to something else.

My sisters and I have recently discovered the BBC science-fiction TV show, Doctor Who.  I watched several episodes at the One Year Adventure Novel Writer's Workshop, and I decided it was interesting.  And when I saw it was play-it-now instant on Netflix, I thought, "Well, let's see if it's good."

And I was hooked.

Not much else to say.  We're all Whovians now, as they say.  We think Doctor Who is epic.  We're slowly making our way through the five season available on Netflix.

Has anyone out there watched Doctor Who?  If so, what'd you think?

And if you haven't watched Doctor Who, here's sort of an explanatory video for you.  I don't think it quite captures it (and the actor that is in question is the newest Doctor, Matt Smith, who I have yet to watch).  But it does a good job of telling you what Doctor Who is about.


Oh, and one more video.  Last one, I promise. ;)  This one's the theme song of Doctor Who, one of my favorite soundtracks to listen to.

That's all for now.  Ta-ta, folks!


Thursday, July 7, 2011

When is Jake NOT a Writer?

Never, I'd say.

And that's probably the reason why I've been disappearing from this blog.  If I have something writerly to say (and that's usually the thing I want to say), I post it on Teenage Writer.  Anything else, well, it ends up over here.

Like music.  Or videos.  Or randomness.

But those are often writer-related too.

Of late, I've been listening to the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack.  I've never seen the movies (shame on me and all that), but the soundtrack is fantastic for writing and piratical things.  And that's connected to writing too, y'know.  It's quite inspiring.  Which is one reason I've put it on my Writing Music station on "Pandora" (that site where you choose your own music and thumbs-up anything you like). For instance, here's a sample below.  Epicness.

But honestly, I can't help being a writer.  I can't get away from it.

Inspiration hit me in the shower again.  He used a bar of soap this time.

I was staring at the ceiling last night—again.  Story ideas brewing and all that.

I paced my room, my imagination whirring—again.

Can't get away from it.

What's some writerly habits you pick up, if you classify yourself as a writer?

So, we've established that soundtrack is awesome, and that I'm a writer.

O_o Okay, then.  I guess I'm out of ideas for this post. xD  Ta-ta, folks.  Make some conversation to make up for my inefficiency here.