Wednesday, February 23, 2011

[Poeticisms] Part II

Hey all! I have slowly collected a pile of poetry in the recent I thought I'd share some. All of this is mentally copyrighted, and if you copy it without permission *glare* I shall hunt you down.

The Sky

The expanse of the heavens is ever veiled
By towers scraping 'neath its blue
But give me a hill, an vast, open field
And the majestic sky shall look anew.


Ivory keys to a polished gleam,
Enclosed in lacquered old wood,
Decorated by frames of cream,
On short, stubby legs it stood.

This next poem is rooted in inspiration I found in G. K. Chesterton.  He writes, "A maniac is someone who has lost everything but his reason."  because, "A poet is someone who wants to get his head in the heavens.  A philosopher is someone who wants to get the heavens in his head.  And it is his head that splits."


There was a poet, a strange man
Most call them crazy, you see;
He wrote with inky pen on paper tan
And lived on a street called Lee.

Contrary to belief, however, he was normal:
He went about his business every day
Dressed up in tie and suit, formal
And had a normal house in which to stay.

Across the street lived another man
A logician, a debater, philosopher too
He lived in a house of a normal tan,
And like to eat fish and rice stew.

This man, though, had lost all lucidity of thought:
His mind had long gone far out of season
His nerves were high, his system shot,
He had lost everything but his reason.

This example just goes to show
Those with imagination are not insane
But rather it is those who 'know'
Whose minds burst beneath mental strain.

So if you are imaginative, good job!
You'll probably last longer than most
But 'tis the logicians' minds that throb,
Not those who dance with the flow'st.

I sneaked (snuck?)  a flow'st in there. ;)  Mwahahaha!


Friday, February 11, 2011

Hope is Kindled

(Please disregard any posts you might see via your Blogger homepage--I assure you, they do not exist.)

Hope is an interesting concept.

When I think of hope, I think of the hope we have in Christ.

When I think of hope, I think of it on par with the word 'epic'.  It is an indescribable thing of great power, a stirring that you feel when Easter comes around, and you say "He is Risen!"  And the thundering reply of all creation: "He is Risen indeed!"

Hope is what kept Cal-raven going when despair overwhelmed him in Raven's Ladder (by Jeffrey Overstreet).  Hope fueled him.  Hope held him.

When I think of hope, I think of The Lighting of the Beacons scene in The Return of the King.  Do you remember it?  The crashing chords of music, sweeping you away in a river of stirring emotion?

And Gandalf's words hover over it all:  "Hope is Kindled."

Though I could not find a way to embed the original clip from the movie, I did make a poorly constructed Windows Movie Maker movie with the soundtrack.  Crank up the stereo system and be prepared for pure epicness.  And when it says Listen...listen.

In this movie, I gave you a short glimpse of the hope I see in the very word 'hope'.  Do you see it?

Ponder it.  

And remember the hope that we have.