Monday, February 22, 2010


I have nothing to blog about, so that's why I haven't been blogging.


(PS; Book #3 is started!!!)

Monday, February 15, 2010


Yes, that's right, novel #2 is DONE! The grand total of pages is 83, 13 pages longer than my first novel was in rough draft. Wow, that's the longest novel I've ever written! ;)
I also did it in record time, about 5-6 months I think. It's pretty good, if I might say so, but a lot more sad than the first was.
I'm going to 'put it on the shelf ' for a month or so, and then take it out and edit it. I'm not sure when I'll start on book #3, but I'm sure it's going to be longer than the others.
I'm going to go over novel #1 a few times more, and then let my mom and dad read it, so it's all going really well. And I also have ideas for a whole 'nother series after this. Oh boy!
To make matters even better, I have books coming in at the library, and Tonight is supposed to come today!


Friday, February 12, 2010


Yes!!! TobyMac's brand new album Tonight is here! I'll give his music video (excellent, by the way.) here, of his song Tonight, with John Cooper of Skillet. (Go Skillet, too!)


Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I have been working my rear end off when it comes to writing and schoolwork. Among the bashing of brains against algebra, I have had some time to write. Yesterday night, I was trying to write (I was at the MOST exciting part in the entire book #2, when whatshisface found a super secret tunnel and charged into the fray) when Daddyo said out of the blue, "Jake! It's time for bed." Ouch.
So I packed up my computer (not literally) and shut it down. Today I am venting a little of my frustration. (I promised Dad I'd tell the entire world of this OUTRAGE. ;) )
My #2 novel is now at 71 pages, longer than the #1 was when I first finished it on rough draft. And it's not done, not by a long shot.
I'm planning a third book that'll have a lot of content in it, probably making it longer than ther other two. I've even laid grounds for another series.
I said to Alex a couple minutes ago, "A problem I had when I was really young, like 8 years old, was that I had no novel ideas. I'd make a title that sounded cool, and then I'd make a story to fit to the title." Now I have novel ideas coming out of my ears. And the ironic thing is, I haven't officially named them yet. ;)


Friday, February 5, 2010

(More) Snow, and Novel News (what a NOVEL concept!)

It snowed yet again, and we got three or so inches. I made an AWESOME snowfort that is about four feet tall, and twice that long. I'm planning to enlarge it and make an entrance tomorrow. It's built on the remains of my old snowfort (Yes, from Christmastime). And I did all this in ONE day, so I am exhusted.
It's amazing what I could do with my sequel once I set my mind on it. For the past five days, I have been determined to write at least one chapter a day, and I succeeded. It's now 60 pages long (and I myself am saying "Whoa!"). I started editing my first novel at 70 pages, and this one's going to be longer by A LOT. It's better than my first novel in my opinion, but I'm pretty sure that the ending to the trilogy, the third book, will be the best yet, and it'll delve a little bit more into the culture of the first two books.
So, I'm excitied, and I think my novel (#1) will be ready for 'public consumption' soon, at least as far as I can do it.

Signing out,


Monday, February 1, 2010

Novel Title (Among Other Things)

Okay, so yesterday I wrote a question. If a person commented and got the answer right, then I would put a novel title possibility. Thanks, Grandma, you got it right. Reuel was the father-in-law of Moses. Actually, I named a character in my novel Reuel, and I had NO idea that the name was in the Bible when I made it up. Really.
Anyway, for the novel title (drumroll) I was at first thinking of The Tower of Bailrai for an obvious reason. The problem was that the book wasn't all about the Tower. Then, late at night while I was laying awake, when I always get my best ideas, I thought of something. (By the way, that time of night was when I first thought of my novel storyline, and when I imagined the trilogy idea). The title that I chose as the best is The Black Lord. You'll only understand the title when you read the book, and the title goes with the series.
My sequel novel is now 42 pages long (I wrote a chapter yesterday). I'm at the secondmost exciting part in it, 'cause my character is meeting some familiar faces. ;). Ahh... I love writing.
Anyway, that's about all I have to say today.