Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mathe is Dead!

Mathe! 'tis the dastardly beast
A bloodthirsty creature for sure;
He stalks, he solves; you wonder
How much longer you might endure.

Mathe! himself, the one and only
Color, paper, binding and ink
A wall of mathematical death
'Tis a cup of poison to drink!

Day upon day, you try to solve
The riddles he weaves before you
Equations, squares, systems and more
And each day they weave anew.

Day upon day, the question is asked
How much longer? lingers the cry
Until Mathe is dead, finished, gone?
Any longer, and I shall die.

You struggle to last, your spirit weak
A lone soul with a failing sword
Until the fateful bugle call
Bears with it a single word.

"Dead!" rings the cry, and your soul lifts
A burden long carried is fled
Is conquered, defeated, finished!
Mathe! the dastardly beast is dead!

(Or, my math is finished for the year.  Either way.  But I prefer the above method of communicating.)