Thursday, February 9, 2012

Who Are We?

Some days ago, I read a rather mediocre youth book.  It was about God's will, and it was a prime example of watered-down theology. It impacted me in the wrong way and lead me to write a fiery post about passion for God and His mission purpose.  It was three pages long (over two thousand words), so I stuck it in a Word document and left it up, intending to publish it on here sometime soon.

However, yesterday my computer died, and it didn't recover the untitled document.  All that remained was a long poem that I had written after the post was finished.

Basically, the poem below is my post, in less words and a rhyme-and-meter.  The post was perhaps a little too fiery to put on here, anyway.

*ahem* In other words, enjoy the poem, and let me know what you think.

Who Are We?

Who are we? Drive this into our minds!
Beside Your holiness, we are but dust!
Reclaim us for Your purpose, Lord
We must do something, we must!

Can we sit in comfortable churches
To listen to a sermon and a song
And then go home and do nothing
As if acting on our faith was wrong?

Lord, transform us, let us not conform!
We must battle, we must fight the fight
Against the powers that hold this world
We must burn for wrongs to be set right!

There are souls to be saved—Lord
Our blackened hearts You must make anew
There are lives to be won, so Lord
Let us burn, let us burn for You!

For your glory! let it be our cry
Be of good courage, and strong!
We must wait for your glorious day
Though the night be long.

Raise up the war cry, children of God!
Raise your swords, Christians, and shout
You have the full armor of God, man
By His strength, throw the devil out!

The darkness must be held back,
It is for the soul we battle the night!
Be strong, with a passion you must love
If we are to win, we must fight!

Throw off the sin that easily entangles
Men of God, rise up! Take heed!
Though we are but naught, the God we serve
Shall strengthen us in every need!

We are nothing, our God is all!
The Savior, the Redeemer, the King!
Push back the darkness and take the call
From every nation the people will sing
We are nothing, our God is all!



Eldra said...

Great poem, Jake! How beautifully you have captured what Christians should be. I feel like printing this poem out and hanging it on my wall to remind me of what it is we're fighting for. :)

Isaac Permann said...

VERY NICE! This is extremely encouraging!

Keep up the good work.

*goes away to put on armor*

Leslie and Elizabeth said...

Great poem! It's so true. . . :)

Christopher said...

Sorry about your computer! Were there any other documents (aka your stories) that you lost?

And great poem. Very true.