Friday, November 11, 2011

[Poeticisms] Part III

It's that time again.  I've written some poems, so why not share them?


Be warned...they're crazy. >_>

And it should be fairly obvious to you what inspired the first poem... ;)


To Isengard

'Cross the fields of Rohan, a cry can be heard
Repeating, repeating, the same constant word
Calling out, shouting out, words numbered six
Jumbled into a catchy, chaotic mix.

The words repeat, the listener chuckles
Turns it up 'til the whole room buckles
The song plays, like a parody-stricken bard
"They're taking the hobbits to Isengard!"



I look up to the starry sky
And see a sickle there
A silver curve about to die
And be reborn anew.

I look up to the starry sky
And see a sickle there
And then, bemused, I wonder why
I look up and think of Dreamworks.


(This one doesn't have that great of a rhyme/meter scheme thing, but bear with it.)

I Am The Doctor

Armies run at the mention of his name
A lonely madman with a blue box
Every star, every planet, every time;
From anywhere to everywhere he walks.

Bright and shining are his companions
Until he loses them or they leave
The lonely madman with a blue box
Alone, all he can do is grieve.

The most deadly man in the universe
Angry, nothing in the world can stop him
And whose tears fall for those he loves
And in loss—he's dangerously grim.

The lonely madman, last of his kind
The last of the ancient Time Lords
Destroyed by one of their own people
And now all that is left is but words.

And this madman with a blue box
Told this by a foe both evil and grim
"Fear me, I've killed hundreds of Time Lords,"
says, "Fear me...I've killed all of them."

The lonely man and his blue box
Traveling through time and space.
In different guises, in different clothes
Eleven times, he's worn a different face.

He says, "Who am I? Don't you know?
If you value your life, your existence,
There's one thing you never put in a trap,"
And then enemy stops and listens.

"There is one thing you never put in a trap,
This world is protected, and I'm the protector
Don't you know who I am? Listen—
Here's who I am—I am the Doctor."


The Leap

Adventure awaits, across the horizon, to the map's edge
Into the unknown, to the craggy edge of the world
I look, my cloak blowing behind me, over the ledge
It bites me hard, the wind, with icy fingers of cold
But I stand aside.  I look around.  Behind me is past
The sky shines a burned red, the time is nigh
Nothing is behind, everything ahead, at last
It is time to leap, it's time to fly.




Anonymous said...

The first poem is hilarious. Who hasn't been there? And the Doctor poem is wonderful. Good stuffs!

The Director said...

I'll be honest, I'm not a fan of poetry and avoid it if I can.

I read every single one of those.

And they were awesome.

Thanks Jake :]

Jake said...

Thank you, both! I feel humored now for my weird poetry. ;)

Squeaks said...

Awesome! I love it Jake :P (as always, I think I always love your poetry lol, you're talented!) That first poem was so amusing! I could see it coming XD the rhyme scheme and everything played out perfectly *applauds* epicosity!

And as for the rest: all very well done! Here here, you are certainly a bard :)

Signed with ink from Inksbane (and I haven't a clue whereupon that land lies),


Pathfinder said...

Marvelous! Now I can appreciate your Doctor poem. Last week I wrote one myself, though it's not as good.

Mind of iron
"I am the Doctor," he says.
The last of an old race.
In different times,
many places.
To save the Universe.